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Taiwan Mitutoyo factory was established in 1965, is committed wire and cable machinery equipment: related equipment manufacturing drawing, annealing, wire, extrusion. Covering a total area of two thousand two hundred square meters, construction area of one thousand five hundred square meters.
1993 set up the mainland factory in Zhangjiagang Mitutoyo. It covers twenty-seven thousand square meters; construction area of sixteen thousand square meters.
SF investment group formed in 1997 Shanghai plant (JMC). Production line cutting electrode wire. Because a professional wire drawing and heat treatment process as a foundation, to become primary wire manufacturer in Asia.
1998 Continental plant in Zhangjiagang Mitutoyo because domestic and international market demand and expand production equipment dedicated cable. Zhangjiagang Sampoong Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd. Plant Area, covering twenty-seven thousand square meters, consists of eight large-scale production plant plant, productive land area of sixteen thousand square meters. Production, processing, testing, research and development set of assembly-line conditions. We have all kinds of large, fine, rare and processing equipment, including large CNC milling, CNC automatic milling machine, profile cutting machine, CNC flame of cutters, imported automatic welding machine dozens, to meet the processing, production of various kinds of products to zero parts requirements. Annual production capacity of up to 2,000 units.
Shanghai Plant was established in 2004
Guangdong factory was established in 2006
Factory was founded in 2006 in Jiangxi Province
2006 Fifth generation of new copper, aluminum wire drawing machine successfully developed a thick line. Eighth new copper wire drawing machine successfully developed, the fourth generation of the new line of stainless steel wire drawing machine developed.
2007 ninth new copper wire drawing machine developed. The fifth generation of new stainless steel wire wire drawing machine developed.