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Mitutoyo company of "professional skills, integrity," the entrepreneurial spirit has always been committed to the pull-based electronics, telecommunications, electricity, computer lines, etc., stranding, extrusion, bag paint around the set pieces of electrical wire and hand parts of the development manufacture, whole plant planning and technical advice.

[Our biggest competitor is not other people, but their own] Mitutoyo people in the belief that the principles of this idea, the industry always has [around electrical wires solve incurable diseases expert] in the world, but we are not in this is a full, still continuous efforts, from planning the machine's hardware design to the main business culture training software personnel, and customers to discuss problems and then offer solutions to customer satisfaction and peace of mind, creating a win-win target customers and Mitutoyo , it is usual practice Mitutoyo forty years.

[Inter-industry is no secret, afraid you only the pace is too slow] people trying to go forward and have the greatest success, and Mitutoyo official uphold this idea, it is desired and then move forward a more brilliant Fifty years; more importantly, so long as customers have Danfeng services and planning, you can have a specialized, automated capabilities and further create a more satisfactory productivity and quality!